Timing In Progress

If you are seeing a screen similar to the one below, don’t worry about it! The program is functioning as it should, as the teacher intended it to function. Just keep typing and after the timer runs out, you will see the text you typed. For more information, keep reading below.

The Blackout Timing screen is a feature which your teacher can enable or disable. It is designed to prevent hunting and pecking. While you are typing, the text is hidden from view. If you are trying to look at your hands while typing, you will often make mistakes. With the Blackout Timing screen enabled, you will not be able to see those mistakes until the timer runs out. Too many mistakes will mean that you need to retake the timing over again… this time without hunting and pecking.


If this feature is unwanted, you can log into your Teacher Manager and change the settings in the Grading Profile the students are using.

Updated on April 14, 2020

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