The Home Screen

After you have logged in, you will see a splash screen similar to the one below.  This article will give you a brief overview of the home page and the features contained inside. For a more complete overview, visit the section specific to each item menu.


This button will take you back to the Class Selection screen. You could use this instead of logging out when completed.

User Info

Here you can view and make changes to user information, such as passwords, email address, and phone number.  You can also link your Google Account to your student account to make the login process easier in the future


This area will provide you with the grading standards your instructor has set for you. It is a good idea to visit this page prior to starting work as it will give you an idea of what is required to pass your lessons and achieve a passing grade in the course.


This icon will take you to a brief program introduction where you will learn some very basic typing skills and do some un-scored drills. It is a good idea to visit this before starting the lesson so you will understand how the program works and how you will need to type inside the program.

Lessons Menu

The core content for the course is located here. The lessons and timings you will take are all inside and will pick up where you left off.

Free Form

This section is designed to allow you to type freely, not scoring or error checking your work. It is most often used as a warm-up exercise as directed by your instructor. When working on your own, you will probably not be using this.

Optional Timings (Keyboard Mastery and Ten Key Mastery Only)

This is a short cut to some of the longer timings that may be required.

Proofreading Lessons (Skillbuilding Mastery Only)

This is a short cut to the proofreading lessons that may be required.

Employment Timings (Ten Key Mastery Only)

This is a short cut to the employment timings that may be required.

Created Lessons

This is a short cut to lessons that were custom made by your instructor. If no content has been created or assigned, there will be nothing here.

Racing Game

This icon will launch a separate page and take you to the racing game to race in real time against other users. This icon is only available if an instructor chooses to enable it.

Progress Reports

This area is for viewing scores that you have already completed. There is a Simple report and a Comprehensive report. In Ten Key Mastery, only the Simple report is available.

Effort Reports

This area is for viewing “effort” recorded by lesson and by date. Effort is the amount of time you have spent typing inside the program.

Grade Reports

This area will show the Current and Final grade reports. The Current report is just an average of completed lesson. The Final report shows your progress towards a final grade with section and timing weights applied.

Message Center

This area is for sending and receiving of messages to your instructor. Any messages received will appear here. If you are allowed, you can send messages to your instructor.


Updated on April 7, 2017

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