The Dashboard

Welcome to the Dashboard

When we updated our Teacher Manager we wanted to provide important information for our instructors in a central location that is easy to find. We decided that creating a Dashboard viewer would be the best way to accomplish that. The Dashboard will show what applications you have, how many students are using each one, and when your licenses expire. You can see what students are currently logged into the program and what lessons/lines they are working on in real time. You can also see what we are posting and sharing on our social media sites.

Your Applications

At the top of your dashboard you will see what applications you currently have. Now instead of having to exit one Teacher Manager and enter another to work, you can simply click on an application and select the login button. All the data relevant to that application (classes, students, profiles, etc.) will be loaded onto the screen.

In each application box you will see how many transferable licenses you have and how many are in use. It will also show you when your current licenses will expire. If you click on the application, you will have the option to Populate Sample Data(students, scores, grading profiles), and to generate a Renewal Estimate.

The application that is currently being viewed in the dashboard will be highlighted in blue. If licenses have expired, the expiration date will be highlighted in red, you will also see a box in red below your applications alerting you that your licenses have expired or that you have exceeded the number of purchased licenses.

Students Currently Logged In

This is essentially a live monitor of your students who are currently logged into the program. It is displayed in a simple table showing you the students name, class, what they are working on, and when their last effort was.

The students’ names in the table are active buttons that, once clicked, will take you to the Student Details. Once there you can edit the student, see what profile they are assigned, see how much effort they have done, view reports, etc.

If you have more than one application being used at your school, you can view students working in each application by clicking on the appropriate tab. For example, in the image you see two tabs, Keyboard Short Course (2) and Keyboard Mastery (1). The number in parenthesis simply shows the number of students currently logged into that application. To view students logged into a different application simply click on that applications tab and the appropriate information will be populated into the table.

Social Media

We love being on social media! You can always stay up-to-date with what’s happening over here at Keyboarding Online by checking out our Facebook and Twitter feeds in your dashboard. We usually post once a day with important info on updates, funny pictures, news, etc. You can also tweet directly to us at the bottom of the twitter feed.

Important News

You can stay informed with recent updates and what we are currently working on to improve your experience with Teacher Manager by looking at our Important News section. There you will generally see a list of features we are working on that will be implemented soon into Teacher Manager and bugs that we are striving to fix.

If you are aware of a bug that is not listed, please let us know at so we can get it taken care of.

Updated on March 26, 2020

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