Select the Students button in the main navigation and then click All Students to look at a list of all the students created in that application. For performance reasons on that page we only show the first 100 students.

The quick search allows you to filter by name, class, profile, schedule, or password. We will only show a max of 100 students at a time on this screen due to performance reasons. You can also go to the class sections and see students in their individual classes with no limit on students.

There are a couple of ways to select students when you are viewing this list. First you can select one or more students by clicking on the square to the left of their name. Once selected it will show as a green checkbox.

At the top left of the table there is a box and if selected, every student in that table will be selected.
Once you have selected the student or students, a box will appear on the right of the table displaying the options available to you.

Student Details

If you select a student’s name, you will be brought to the Students Detail page. You will see basic student info such as their password, email, phone, grading profile, when they last worked, and total effort.

There will be a box titled “Update Student Information” that will allow you to quickly and simply update information for the selected student. When you have made your changes click the button “Update Student” and the changes will be saved. If you made changes that you wish to undo simply click the “Reset Form” Button and the Student Information will be reset to what is was previously saved as.

To the right of this section you will see a box titled “Student Reports”. Inside are all the different reports available for that student. Simply click on which report you want to view and your page will load the selected report.

Create New Students

In the main navigation when you select “Students” a dropdown will appear and one of the options is “Create Students”. Click on “Create Students”. Or when you are in the “All Students” view you can click the Create New Students button.

Create Students

Class Assignment: This is the class the students will be added to. It will not reset when a student is added, so you will not need to adjust it if you are adding multiple students to the same class.

Grading Profile: This is the grading profile the student will be assigned. It will not reset when a student is added, so you will not need to adjust it if you are adding multiple students to a default or global profile.

Student Name: This is the student’s name, which they will see on the class roster and inside the course. It can be “FirstName LastName” or “LastName, FirstName”. The program will automatically detect the first and last name and separate them. You are always free to leave the last name off and do first name only. If you are trying to maintain student privacy, you can also just enter their ID number or some other unique identifier. The student name can only be 30 characters long, including spaces.

Student Email: This field is OPTIONAL. However, if you do enter the students email, that will become their username to log into the program. If left blank, the system will automatically generate a username for the student to use to log into the program. So for example, this is the auto generated username for David-  david@a5q5 Each student will be given a unique username to use.

Student Password: This is the desired password for the student. It must be at least one character long. Often it is set to the student’s ID number, so it is private and known to the student. You can set a default password for all students (“123” for example) and allow the students to change their password. We do not recommend this approach for security reasons, but it does for the initial login. Remember, if your student adjusts the password, you can view their current password anytime by viewing the class or student file. The password can only be 15 characters long, including spaces.

Once you have filled out the form click “Create Student”. A popup will appear saying that the student was updated. At the bottom you will see three lines appear telling you who was last added, how many licenses are in use and how many you have remaining.

Import Students

To get started, click the “Import Students” Button. It will have you upload an Excel file (xls, xlsx, csv). After selecting the file and uploading it, it will parse the data and then walk you through the import process.

There is no format required since the uploader walks you through the file. This allows you to export from whatever LMS or roster system you use and import immediately without configuration. If you are manually creating the file, the easiest thing to do is have their first name in one column, their last name in the next, their password in the next, and their class name in the last. If your file has first and last name combined, don’t worry, the uploader can detect that and fix the issue.

So you first have your Excel file. We will be uploading the one below as an example.

Select “Import Students” and you will be asked to select the file you want to upload.

You will then follow the steps in the Upload Students Wizard. It will ask you which column contains the first name, which column contains the last name, which column has the password, and which column has the class name. You move on to the next step by selecting the right arrow and you can go back to the previous step by selecting the left arrow.

The following images are screen shots as we go through the Upload Students Wizard to import our class.

Once you are done you can go view your classes and you will see your new class there with all the new students as well.

Delete a Student

To delete a student, go to the All Students page (Select Students from the main navigation then All Students). You can select one or more students. Once you do a box will appear on the right side of the screen and the bottom option will be “Delete Student”. Click there and a pop up box will appear asking you if you are sure you want to delete the student. Either hit “Cancel” or “Yes, delete it”.

Important: The student and their work will be deleted. You can recover any deleted student for two weeks before they are destroyed.

Restore Deleted Students

When you are in the All Students view you will see a button at the top right that says “Restore Deleted Students”. Once you click on that button a pop up will appear showing you all the students that have been deleted in the last 2 weeks. Next to their name will be a checkbox. Click on the checkboxes of the student or students that you would like to restore. Then click “Restore”. You will see the student/students appear in the “All Students” page with the box next to their name checked.

Updated on May 21, 2020

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