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Signing Up for a Free Trial

We love our keyboarding programs and we are confident that you will too! That’s why we give a free 60-day trial to anyone wanting to try it out. We will give you full access to everything in the program (you can try just one program or all of them) for two full months. All you need to do is fill out a simple form and we will get everything going for you.

We have various links throughout the website inviting you to sign up. But there is one that will be on the top of every page and it looks like the image below.

Just select that button and give us about a minute of your time as we provide you with a form to fill out and you’ll be all ready to go!


The first step in this form is selecting your role. In this example we are going to pretend I am a Teacher named Jim Bob. One you select your role click Next.


Now, we need to enter our school information. Please make sure this is accurate because this is what we’ll use for future contact if the need arises. The numbers to the bottom right of the input lines simply show you how many characters you’ve entered and how many you can enter total. One all the fields are filled out click on Next.


Here is where we get your information. In order to receive the login information and other updates to your trial and licenses we will be sending an email. A lot of the teachers who sign up for a free trial also sign up for a free product training that we generally do over the phone. So, enter a number that we can easily contact you at like your school number.

We do have spam detection algorithms in place. We don’t require but strongly suggest you use your school email. If you don’t you will see a red warning below the email asking you to use a school email if possible. But, like I said before, it’s not required. Once all the fields are filled in select Next.


We have five programs for you to test out. You can select any one and get a brief summary of the program. In the description you’ll find info on how long the course generally takes, what keys are covered, how many lessons there are, and how long the timings are. We also suggest which education levels would benefit most from the selected program. In this example we see that Keyboard Mastery is geared for Middle Schools on up through College.


Our free Product Training has been a hot item for thousands of trial users. It’s not a sales pitch. You won’t be talking to a robot. One of us at the office (most likely Barbara… she loves these things) will talk with you over the phone and simply walk you through the program. Our program is simple, but there are a lot of hidden gems that we want to make sure you know about and take advantage of.

They generally last 30 to 45 minutes and if you want we can even do an online web meeting where we can show you exactly how to navigate the program and we it allows us to see your screen so we are both on the same page when going through the program. IT’S SAFE! We promise. We use GoToMeeting which one of the most popular web meeting software around. Very secure.

Our form will recognize what time you put so neither of us need to worry about time differences.

With all that said, you don’t need to do the Product Training. It’s just an option for you that helps you make the most out of your 60 days. Just tell us yes or no, fill out the time/date if need be, and select Next.


This is just a quick form telling us how you heard about us. We are also interested in your comments. Tell us you love us or tell us how we can be better! Once you’ve done that select Next.


Once you’ve done that you will receive your login information via an email sent to the email that was provided during the sign up process. The admins have a login and password, and the students will use a username and password that are created later.

We email it so you can always refer back to it in case the login information is forgotten. The email will also let you know when the trial expires, and remind you when your Product Training is scheduled if you opted in.

With your login information, all you need to do now is go to http://login.keyboardingonline.com. There you will see a form just like the one below. Simply select your role and enter the username/login and password. Click Sign In and you are in the program! Voila.

Updated on March 13, 2020

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