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New Features and Updates!

May 2021 - Keyboarding Online tips for Fall 2021

We are hopeful that the pandemic will be a fading memory by the Fall. Communications with our educators seem to point to much more in-person learning this next school year. We have a few suggestions as you wrap up this school year and prepare for the next.

Download & Archive

Though Keyboarding Online saves deleted student data for a limited time to allow educators to restore accidental clicking ūüėČ we suggest creating PDF copies or downloads of reports for your classes. These become invaluable when a student or parent wishes to challenge a grade, sometimes a year later. You may also want to use Access Schedules to set an 'End Date'. Apply this Schedule to the students in your classes (see Teacher Manager -> Classes -> select class) to apply a Schedule. This will prevent students from working on their account and changing their grade/scores after the grading period has ended. Helpful reports for archiving:

  • Class Summary Report: This will show the class roster, average scores, effort, etc.
  • Class Progress Report: This will show the class roster along with the average for each lesson.

If you need more details archived, you will want to save:

Progress Reports (individual): This will show all scores for every lesson/line completed along with the lesson average.

Preparing for Fall 2021, do some SYNCING!

We are not talking about taking a dance class. If you really want to make things easier, take advantage of one of the many class rostering solutions we support https://support.keyboardingonline.com/categories/sync-options/.

These rostering options are performed at the teacher level (see Teacher Manager -> Classes -> 3rd Party Sync):

  • Google Classroom
  • Canvas
  • Clever Classroom
  • Office 365

These rostering options are performed by district level staff:

  • Classlink
  • Skyward SIS OneRoster¬†is our newest addition
  • Clever Secure Sync

Thank you for choosing Keyboarding Online, a truly rare typing curriculum that is both developed and supported by the same group of rascals. Stay safe, stay healthy, and Happy Typing!

April 2021 - BIG Update - Sneak Peek

We have just rolled a sneak peek version of our latest Teacher Manager (not all features are complete). This was a big code update, re-written from the ground up for easier, more concise navigation, and better performance. You can use the new Teacher Manager by clicking on the yellow button in the top right of your current Teacher Manager. Do not worry, you can always switch back. This new Teacher Manager will become the main version for all teachers and admins in January 2022.

Some of our upcoming features will only be available in this new Teacher Manager. Curriculum Manager where you can create your own sections of lessons will only be found in the new version.

New web site coming Summer 2021. We will be rolling out an updated and more a informative site.

**Try Keyboarding Online:

We know the past year has been trying time for educators and students. If classes were cancelled and you did not have need for typing software resulting in your site license expiring, we are honoring renewal discounts even if you did not renew when your license ended.

Thank you for choosing Keyboarding Online, a truly rare typing curriculum that is both developed and supported by the same group of rascals. Stay safe, stay healthy, and Happy Typing!


The Keyboarding Online Team!

January 2021 - Lesson Schedules

We are excited to announce the release of a feature that has been requested multiple times, Lesson Schedules.

Lesson Schedules are created and assigned in the Teacher Manager. See the menu list on the left side of the Teacher Manager screen.
Set start/end dates on lessons (or range of lessons) to keep students on pace and from jumping ahead.
Just like everything else in Keyboarding Online software, Lesson Schedules can be individualized.
Read about using Lesson Schedules: Click HERE

Watch a tutorial video on how to use Lesson Schedules: Click HERE

What is coming later this Spring 2021?

Make your own curriculum sections. You will be able to replace and/or customize the initial lesson content that get assigned to.

Thank you for choosing Keyboarding Online. Stay safe and stay healthy!


The Keyboarding Online Team!

Click HERE for more information.

December 2020 - Archiving data, Syncing, Program Updates, and More!

As you and school prepare for students after the holidays there are a few things that could make your work easier:

  1. If you are not already using a syncing option to create your class lists (e.g. Classlink, Google Classroom, Clever Classroom, Canvas, OneRoster, Blackboard) you can prepare now so that in January you will be able to have class lists created in a snap! Read all about these syncing options at https://support.keyboardingonline.com/categories/sync-options/
  2. Archive, archive. Make sure you have a copy of reports before deleting classes. Class Summary, Class Progress, and Student Progress reports can be saved as PDFs or even downloaded as a spreadsheet file. Read more at https://support.keyboardingonline.com/support/how-to-archive-student-data/
  3. The ability to open and use the old student software by using the 'switch to' feature will be unavailable beginning 2021. The 'old' software ceased getting updates early this year.

New District Manager

The District Manager has been completely rewritten and updated with additional features. Support for OneRoster exports from Student Information Systems (SIS) (e.g. Skyward) has been enhanced.

Feature Requests

Log in and suggest or vote on new features for us to create for you!

Click HERE for Additional Information

October 2020 - Blackboard, SkyWard SIS, and More!

- New Syncing and Rostering Options
- New keyboard animations when introducing new letters
- New Deep Sea Fishing Game
- New Introduction and Tutorials

Click HERE for information

July 2020 - Distance Learning Tips for Keyboarding Online

- Live Student monitor
- Score Replay
- Message Center
- Daily or Weekly Effort Reports

Click HERE for information

June 2020 - Summer Recap

- New Student GUI
- Score Replay
- More Rostering Options
- Additional Accessibility Options
- Student Achievement
- Keyboard Heatmap

Click HERE for information

April 2020 - New Retail Store, Games, and More Rostering

- New online store for adult students
- New Asteroid typing game
- More student rostering options
- Student login cards

Click HERE for information

March 2020 - COVID Update

- Student Login Cards- Individual login cards that you can send to your students who are distance learning.

Click HERE for information

January 2020 - New Year New Look!

We have a lot go over here, and we hope your new semester is off to a great start! We know we surprised many of you with our new site. So here is an overview of new features to look for:
- NEW Website
- NEW Keyboarding for Kids
- NEW Error Checker
- NEW Games
Still to come in 2020…New Keyboard Mastery, Keyboard Short Course

Click HERE for information

July 2019 - New Logins and Rostering!

- NEW login options.
- NEW rostering options.
NEW Teacher Manager features.
NEW District Manager features.
Still to come in 2019...new Keyboarding For Kids

Click HERE for information

May 2019 - Unique User Logins, Rostering, Keyboarding for Kids Update

- Student and Teacher unique logins.
- New rostering options.
- New Keyboarding For Kids!

Click HERE for information

September 2018 - More 3rd Party Integrations and Future GUI Update

Clever was the most recent integration for syncing student data that we have completed. We are working on some big changes that will go live during the next 2-6 months:

  • More 3rd party integrations to sync with your Student Information Systems (SIS). Some of these solutions are quite cost effective (free to schools and application providers are charged minimal fees). We feel one sync integration in particular will see wide adoption.
  • We are currently working on system design changes to link students and teachers to specific classes, profiles, etc. When this is done, students will be able to login with their email and go straight to work. Teachers will only see their own classes, profiles, etc.
  • The K-6 and 7-12+ student programs are getting a fresh new design. Menu's and navigation are getting a new look. Elementary program will be even more child friendly. We will have both versions side by side for quite awhile to ease the transition and get feedback (you will be able to open either the old or new student programs).

We know you have a lot of choices (but not better choices) for keyboarding software, so we appreciate you using Keyboarding Online. We love to hear from our customers; your feedback and ideas help us create an awesome product

July 2018 - Clever Secure Sync

-Clever integrates with your district Student Information System (SIS). You can share your district and school keyboarding classes and students with Keyboarding Online. Our system will automatically create, update, and delete classes and students according to the data being shared. This means you do not have to create any students or classes; it is all handled by your district SIS. When a student is added to a class through the SIS, he/she will automatically show in the Keyboarding Online class. Less time setting up or maintaining class rosters, more time spent giving instruction!
-If you are going to be using Clever Secure Sync, it is a good idea to begin using it at the beginning of a semester (because classes and students will be created based on the data your SIS shares with Clever).

April 2018 - Tests

A test is basically a custom lesson you can create with:
- It's own grading standards (errors, blackout, minimum WPM requirement, etc.) - A test profile applies only to the test!
- Number of Retakes allowed, password protected access
- Date open/closed for testing availability
Click HERE for information

Updated on October 23, 2020

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