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The Message Center allows you to communicate with your students through the program. You can compose messages intended for one student or an entire class. Students are unable to send messages to each other. The only communication that exists is between the instructor and the students.

When you select Message Center in the main navigation, a window like the image below will appear. On the left you will see all your classes. When you select a class a table will appear with all the messages that have been sent/received in that class.

In this example a student, Barbara Ellsworth, is curious about her midterm grade. Using the Message Center on the student side she was able to send you a message. All new messages will have the “New” icon to the left of the student name. Their name and subject will be in bold font as well.

To open a message, you can select the name or subject. Once selected a window will appear with the message like the image below.

Once you have read the message you can reply by selecting the blue icon at the bottom right hand side of the window. A pop up will appear with the subject line already filled. You will see the original message by the student. You can write your message right above that. When you are done simply click “Send”.



Creating a New Message

To create a new message, you have several options. You can select the “Compose New Message” button above the classes or select the “New Message” button in the inbox window. Both buttons do the same thing.

First, select the class you would like to send a message to. Once selected you will be shown a list of all the students in that class. To select a student just click on the box next to their name to check the box. There is an option to “Select All Students”. If you select that you will see a check appear next to every students’ name in that class. In this example we will send a message to the entire class. One you have made your selection click on “Compose Message”.

You will see all the message recipients at the top. If you want to remove one just select the “X” next to their name.

The first textbox is for the subject of the message. In the large textbox you can compose your message. When you are ready to send it simply click “Send” at the bottom. “User Selection” will take you to the previous window where you can select students in a given class.

When the student logs in to their student file the messages you send will automatically pop up. They can close it to continue with their lessons or select “Reply” to reply. So, a student can never say that they “didn’t see/get the message.”

Deleting Messages

When you are looking at the inbox for a class you will see an “X” icon on the right side of the date column. Click on the “X” to delete that message. A pop up will appear asking you if you are sure. Select “Yes, delete it!” to delete, otherwise select “Cancel”.

When you are looking at the message you will see a red trash can icon next to the reply icon. Select the trash can icon to delete the message. Again, you will be asked if you are sure. Select “Yes, delete it!” to delete the message.

Updated on March 8, 2017

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