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Lesson Schedules

Lesson Schedules is a highly requested feature that allows teachers or school admins to control when and which lessons students are able to access during a certain time frame. For example if you only want your students to have access to a single lesson at a time, and have lessons become available as the semester progresses, you can set “open” and “close” dates for the lessons.

Creating the Lesson Schedule

The first step is to log into the teacher manager and select Lesson Schedules on the left side of your screen, and select Create New Schedule

Editing the Lesson Schedule

Once the name is set you will see a few different options for the settings which you are able to set.

  • Timezone: You will want to set the timezone to your locale.
  • Lesson Range: Is where you will set which lessons to unlock for that specific row of dates.
  • Use an Opening Date: By default this is set to No, if you would like the students to be able to start their lessons at anytime, leave this set to No.
  • Use a Closing Date: By default this is set to No, if you would like the students to always have access to the lessons set by the Lesson Range- leave this at No.
  • Sections and Lesson Numbers: This area is used for personal reference, to help you decide and remember which lessons you want to control access to.

Only normal/core lessons can be assigned. Optional timings, custom lessons, and tests cannot be affected by this.

Please note – any lessons not assigned to the schedule will be available 24/7 to your students.

When assigning a Opening/Closing date you will be shown a calendar

Assigning Your Schedule

After creating your Lesson Schedule, you will assign it to individual students on the Classes page or when viewing individual student details. On the Classes page, select a class, then select the students you wish to use this lesson schedule, and then click the button that appears that says “Update Lesson Schedule” and choose the Lesson Schedule you created.

Assigning the Lesson Schedule to your class
Lesson Schedule – drop down selection screen

When the lessons are locked, students will see a lock symbol on the locked lessons and when they select a locked lesson they we be shown the date that lesson will be unlocked.

Updated on January 13, 2021

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