Lesson Schedules

Lesson Schedules allow you to control when your students can work on lessons within the program. Sometimes you may want to use this if your students are moving too quickly through the program. You can set it any way you like. Below I will demonstrate unlocking the lessons 2 at a time every week.

For week one the students will have access to lessons 1 and 2

If we want to set a closing date, select YES and then select the Closing Date. This will lock those lessons after that date and time.

Here we can see that we didn’t include lesson 5. This means the students will always have access to lesson 5

We highly recommend setting the schedule for all assigned lessons. Any lessons not included on the schedule will be available to the students to take or retake whenever they would like.

To assign your lesson schedule you can do it two ways.

1: You can go into your individual student details and manually assign each student to their Lesson Schedule.

2: You can assign the schedule to your entire class at once by going into your Classes, select your class, and then put a check next to each student that you would like assigned to the Lesson Schedule.

Updated on July 20, 2021

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