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Integrate with Desire2Learn/Brightspace

To integrate with Desire2Learn/Brightspace, follow the steps listed in the Teacher Manager guide: LMS Integration. This will enable LTI and get you started, then follow the steps below.

Add an External Tool

Visit Course Admin, find and click on External Learning Tools, and click on New Link to add Keyboarding Online.

Configure the Application

Fill out the information using the information from the Teacher Manager. Attached are screen shots to show you some sample information.

Choose Link Key/Secret to allow you to put in the Consumer Key and Shared Secret. Make sure you add both Custom Parameters. Under Security Settings, choose “Use link security settings” and then make sure that it is sending the LTI user ID, user name, and user email to the application. Finally Save and Close.

Add the Tool to your Module

Click Add Existing Activities, and select External Learning Tools. Select the Keyboarding Online tool you just created and it will be added to your module.

The final thing you will need to do is click the little down arrow/caret and click Edit Properties In-place. Make sure you select Open as External Resource. This will allow the application to open in a new tab/window.


Updated on July 31, 2017

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