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Google Classroom Import and Syncing


Inside the Teacher Manager, you can now import and sync your Google Classroom classes and students. This means you do not need to export them or enter them manually. With a click of a button you can easily choose which classes to sync and the students will all be created.

To get started, visit the Classes section of the Teacher Manager. You will see a button at the top with the Google Classroom icon and the words “Sync with Google Classroom”.

Click on the Sync with Google Classroom button and you will be taken to Google’s login page to authorize Keyboarding Online to view your data.

After choosing your account and logging in, you will be brought right back to the Teacher Manager to the Google Sync page. Here you will be able to select the classes you want to sync. You can also click on a class name and view the students inside the class if you are unsure based on the name alone. To select ALL classes, you can easily click the checkbox above the others and it will select all the classes at once.

After selecting the classes you want to sync/import, click Import Selected Classes. This may take a few seconds, but when it completes, you will be brought back to the Classes page of the Teacher Manager. You will see your newly created/synced classes indicated by the Google Classroom icon.

At this point, everything is complete. The student accounts are now created and the students can log into the program by using the Sign In With Google option on the login page. There is no need to link the accounts or do anything else.


What happens if I sync the same class multiple times?

After the class is created initially, you can update the class and class roster by using the sync option. So syncing a class again will do nothing but make sure the students are where they are supposed to be and their accounts exist.

What do I do if I add a student to my Google Classroom Class? How do I get them into Keyboarding Online?

Go through the Sync with Google Classroom process again. By re-syncing your class, existing students will not be affected, and new students will be created.

What do I do if I deleted a student from my Google Classroom Class? How do I remove them from Keyboarding Online?

Go through the Sync with Google Classroom process again. By re-syncing your class, existing students will not be affected, and deleted students will be removed from Keyboarding Online.

It is a new semester and I no longer have the same class. How do I delete the Google Classroom Class from Keyboarding Online?

To delete a Google Classroom class, treat it like any other class and select it and then go to the menu and click Delete Class. It will be removed entirely, along with the students.

I cannot edit a student. I cannot change their name, their email address, or move them to another class.

Because the student is synced to their Google Account, their Google Account info and/or class assignment should be updated with Google. Once Google has the new student information, then just re-sync with Google Classroom inside the Teacher Manager. This will update the student’s name, email, and class assignments.

After moving a student between two classes and re-syncing, their work is gone. Can it be recovered?

Yes! The reason the student’s work disappeared is because there is no way for Keyboarding Online to know that a “move” occurred. To Keyboarding Online, it looked like the student was deleted in one class and a new student was created in another. To recover their work, go into the Student’s Account in Keyboarding Online by clicking Edit Student. At the bottom, you will have an option to Transfer Student Data. This will show recently deleted students with the same email addresses and allow you to copy the work from the deleted students to the newly created/moved student.

I am not seeing my Google Classroom Classes.

The only reason classes wouldn’t show up is if you failed to log into your Google Account or chose a Google Account not associated with your Google Classroom account. Try it again and make sure you are choosing the correct account and using the correct credentials.

The program is in “Demo Mode” after syncing my classes, and students have limited access.

This typically happens for 1 of 2 reasons. Your application is either expired, or you have too many students in your account. It will show you on the Teacher Manager dashboard why the program is in Demo Mode. If there are too many students, go into your Classes and delete the classes that aren’t using Keyboarding Online. If you need additional licenses, you can contact Keyboarding Online for a quote to increase your licenses.

I cannot add students manually to my Google Classroom class inside Keyboarding Online.

That is correct! Once a class is “synced” with Google, it must remain synced. That means that you cannot add or remove students from the class unless you have first done that inside Google Classroom. After deleting or adding new students, simply re-sync the class with Google Classroom and the class will be updated accordingly.

Updated on February 18, 2020

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