Custom Lessons


These are lessons that the instructor creates in the Custom Lessons section of the Teacher Manager and can assign up to ten created lessons to the students at a time. Teachers may create lessons using the students’ vocabulary lists, excerpts from their curriculum, or current events, for example.

When you first select Custom Lessons you will be brought to a page like the one shown above. Displayed will be all the Created Lessons, the number of lines (exercises) in each lesson, and what profiles have that lesson assigned.

When you select a lesson, a box on the right will appear displaying every exercise in that lesson and the timing length assigned to that exercise. Below we selected the lesson “Christopher Columbus” and on the right we see that it has 3 lines and we are currently looking at line 2, which is a 15-second timing.

Create Custom Lessons

To create a new custom lesson, first click on the “+ Create New Lesson” button. A box will appear asking you to enter a lesson name. Use a name that will be easily remind you what the lesson material is. When done select “OK”. A box will appear telling you the lesson was created successfully. Select “OK” and you will be taken to a page where you can edit the lesson. Important: the lesson name must be than 20 characters.

Edit Custom Lessons

When you select Custom Lessons in the navigation menu you will be shown all the lessons that have been created. Select one and you will see a basic overview of that lesson (Lines and Line timing lengths). Select the button “Edit Lesson” to begin editing your lesson.

Add/Delete a Line

Each lesson you create can have several timings. Click the “New Line” button to add an additional timing to the lesson. To completely remove a line, click the “Delete Line” button. If you accidently delete the line, click the “Discard Changes” button at the bottom to return to the lessons menu.

Adding Content

In the text box, simply type or copy/paste in content for your lesson. As long as the characters can be entered using a standard keyboard, the lesson will be just fine. Remember that keyboards do not have “ or ” or ’, just ” and ‘ (quote marks).

Importing Keyboarding Online Lessons

You can click the “Import Keyboarding Online Content” button to open a dialog with all Keyboarding Online texts. You can navigate through the content, selecting specific timings from other texts. When you select a text, it will copy it to the currently open line if it is blank, otherwise it will create a new line with that text. It will also set the timer to the set time. After the lesson is imported, you can adjust it to the text and time length you want.

Timing Length

Each timing can have a different timing length. The timing lengths are preset and cannot be changed. They directly match the profile timing lengths, so which ever profile is assigned, those timing options will apply to the custom lessons.

Assigning Lessons

Each lesson must be assigned for it to be available. The lessons can be assigned by editing the profile(s) the students are using and adding the created lesson in the Section Assignments area.

Modifying Lessons When in Use

Lessons can be modified at any time. If you delete a lesson assigned to the students, they will no longer have access to the lesson. Their scores however will stay even if the lesson or individual timings are removed or edited. If you are wanting to add content continually throughout the course, we recommend adding lines onto the timing until it is full, and then creating a new timing. This will help you avoid the headache of deleting and recreating content that the students need to work on.

Scores For Brand New Lessons

If you assigned a new lesson and students already have scores, it is because scores stay when lessons are deleted. Your options are to NEVER delete a Custom Lesson after it is assigned, or to delete scores after assigning a new Custom Lesson. Your final option is to utilize the Tests feature instead of Custom Lessons. This will allow you to assign as many Tests as you would like, and the scores stay with the Test.

Important: Once you have made all the changes you want be sure to click the green Save button found on the bottom right hand side of the window. Otherwise, if you leave that page all changes made will be lost.

Updated on November 7, 2018

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